RDM Careers

RDM is an Employer of Choice

These days organisations – big or small – want to become an employer of choice.

Many claim they are when in reality few can be considered as such.

RDM offers a variety of employee benefits to attract and retain quality staff. In plain terms, RDM is a business that is a great place to work.

RDM has created a culture that is based on a new employment relationship. It is more collaborative and open than the old ‘them and us’ relationship we have all witnessed and have probably been – or are – part of. This new employment relationship is based on the changing needs and interests of the marketplace, employees and organisations.

There are eight values of this new relationship between management and labour.

Shared Values

Employee’s Mindset

RDM’s Mindset

Flexible DeploymentWillingness to work in a variety of roles within RDM.Actively encourages and facilitates employees to work in a variety of roles within RDM.
Customer FocusServe the customer before your manager.Provide information, skills and incentives to focus externally.
Performance FocusFocus on what you do and not where you work.Links rewards and benefits with performance rather than RDM dependency.
Project based workAccept yourself as a project based worker rather than a function based employee.Structures work around projects rather than RDM functions.
Human Spirit and workValue work that is meaningfulProvide, where possible, meaningful work.
CommitmentCommit to assisting RDM achieve its vision, core values and outcomes.Commit to assisting employees to achieve their personal objectives.
Learning and DevelopmentCommit to lifelong learning.Provides for employee development and growth.
Open Information SharingWilling to show enterprise and initiative.Provide and encourage employees to access a wide range of information.

RDM’s employment relationship is still based on a psychological contract, but the mindsets are diametrically opposite to the old ‘them and us’ relationship – it an is inclusive relationship.