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Armidale Regional Council – LEP

Resource Design and Management Pty Ltd (RDM) was engaged by Armidale Regional Council to prepare a single Local Environmental Plan (LEP) for the newly formed regional council.

Armidale Regional Council was formed on 12 May 2016 with the merger of Armidale Dumaresq and Guyra Shire Councils. A single local environmental plan (LEP) is to be prepared for the new local government area (LGA) and council engaged RDM as a suitably qualified and experienced consultant to prepare the Planning Proposal for Draft Armidale Regional LEP 2017 (Draft LEP).

This Planning Proposal applies to all land within the Armidale Regional Council LGA. RDM was engaged to prepare a combined LEP due to its expertise and knowledge working with local Council’s. The LEP is being prepared in accordance with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s (NSW P&E) “A Guide to Preparing Planning Proposals (August 2016)”.

The Planning Proposal will need to be consistent with the provisions of the New England North West Regional Plan 2036 and New England Development Strategy.

Two LEPs currently apply to the Armidale Regional LGA, being Armidale Dumaresq LEP 2012 (ADLEP 2012) and Guyra LEP 2012 (GLEP 2012). It is proposed to merge the current LEPs to create Armidale Regional LEP 2017. It is intended that the new LEP will adopt provisions from the existing LEPs wherever possible and make as few changes as are necessary to blend any discrepancies.

The current LEPs share a common basis. Both LEPs are based on the State Government’s Standard Instrument LEP and were informed by the objectives and recommendations of the New England Development Strategy. The New England Development Strategy identified land use planning objectives and strategies to guide growth and change in the former Armidale Dumaresq and Guyra Shire as well as Uralla and Walcha local government areas. The Strategy was adopted by the four Councils and endorsed by the Director-General of the Department of Planning and Infrastructure on 16 March 2010.

Since the current LEPs came into effect in 2012, ADLEP 2012 has been subjected to nine (9) amendments and GLEP 2012 four amendments. There are also four current draft amendments to ADLEP 2012 that have received a Gateway Determination. To avoid potential delays in progressing the merged LEP it is intended that the current draft amendments will proceed separately to the merged LEP until such time as it is least disruptive to incorporate the amendments into the merged plan.

The new comprehensive LEP will provide a common platform for planning controls across the LGA and for any future amendments arising from strategies and studies prepared at the regional and local levels.

Project Sheet – Armidale Regional Council