Town Planning Coffs Harbour

Bark Hut Road, Woolgoolga NSW

Resource Design and Management Pty Ltd (RDM) was engaged to prepare a proponent led Planning Proposal for a site in Bark Hut Road, Woolgoolga in support of rezoning the subject land to maximise its development potential.

The subject land is currently zoned RU2 Rural Landscape under the provisions of Coffs Harbour Local Environmental Plan 2013.

The Planning Proposal applies to land located approximately 1.4 km northwest of Woolgoolga on the eastern side of the Pacific Motorway. The site is situated west of Solitary Islands Way and adjoins the already existing large lot residential (formerly known as ‘rural residential’) development. The proposed West Woolgoolga Sports Complex is located immediately to the south of the subject land.

The land has an area of 16.41 hectares. The Planning Proposal seeks to rezone the land R2 Low-Density Residential. The land is identified in Council’s Local Growth Management Strategy 2008 as an urban investigation area for long term release after 2031. The land is identified in the North Coast Regional Plan 2036 as an Investigation Area – Urban Land and is within the Urban Growth Area boundary.

A Planning Proposal Pre-Lodgement meeting was held with Council staff. At that meeting, a range of issues were discussed with Council staff including:

  • The proposed residential zone (i.e. R2 Low Density vs R3 Medium Density);
  • Access to the site and traffic management;
  • Environmental constraints;
  • Bushfire hazard;
  • Pedestrian and cycleway connectivity with current and future open space areas;
  • Availability of water and sewer services;
  • Stormwater management;
  • Cultural heritage; and
  • The impact of adjoining agricultural activities, namely blueberries.

Environmental assessments included in the Planning Proposal demonstrate that the land is suitable for rezoning from RU2 Rural Landscape to R2 Low-Density Residential.

The proposal will rezone a strategically located parcel of land adjoining an already well-established large lot residential area that has the capacity to yield approximately 180 new low-density residential lots. The timeframe for the release of this land is estimated to be between 2020-2021. As of January 2018, it was estimated in the Residential Land Demand Analysis prepared by Urban Economics that there is only a three (3) year supply of residential land to the meet the current demand for housing in the Northern Beaches area.

Council resolved on the 12 September 2019 to request a Gateway Determination from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (NSW DPE) in support of the public exhibition of the Planning Proposal and completing the rezoning using Council’s delegation.

This Planning Proposal presents an orderly, well justified and viable development outcome for the site. The proposal will provide another source of affordable housing supply and a range of residential land use options for the Northern Beaches. Future urban development of this site is considered to be compatible with surrounding land uses which consist of large-lot residential land to the west, proposed sporting fields to the immediate south, and schools and established residential neighbourhoods to the east and south of the subject land.

Project Sheet – Bark Hut Road, Woolgoolga NSW