Town Planning Coffs Harbour

Butler’s Road, Bonville NSW

Resource Design and Management Pty Ltd were engaged by landowners of land in Butlers Road, Bonville to prepare a Planning Proposal in support of rezoning the land to allow it to be subdivided for large-lot residential purposes.

The subject land is currently zoned RU2 Rural Landscape and E2 Environmental Conservation under the provisions of Coffs Harbour Local Environmental Plan 2013.

This Planning Proposal applies to land located approximately 13 kms south of the Coffs Harbour City Centre. Pine Creek Way (old Pacific Highway) is the major arterial road that provides access into Bonville. The subject site is bounded by Butlers Road to the north, Pine Creek State Forest to the west and private properties to the east and south.

The Planning Proposal provides Council with sufficient information to resolve to request a Gateway Determination from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (NSW DPE) in support of the public exhibition of the Planning Proposal and completing the rezoning using Council’s delegation.

The land has a total area of 7.744 hectares.  The Planning Proposal seeks to rezone the land to R5 Large Lot Residential and E2 Environmental conservation.

Although the land is not contained within a candidate area of the Local growth Management Strategy – Rural Residential Component 2009, Council has acknowledged its merit for rezoning potential.

A Planning Proposal Pre-Lodgement meeting was held in August 2018 with a range of issues discussed with Council staff including:

  • The need for a planning proposal for additional large lot residential land;
  • The status of Council’s key strategic planning documents;
  • The non-requirement for sub-consultants reports for ecology, flooding, bushfire hazard, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and traffic management;
  • Addressing current E2 Environmental Conservation zone; the presence of Regionally Significant Farmland;
  • The presence of natural watercourses under the Strahler stream order classification system;
  • And any land-use conflicts with adjoining land uses.

Environmental assessments prepared with the Planning Proposal demonstrate that the land is suitable for rezoning from RU2 Rural Landscape to R5 Large Lot Residential.

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Project Sheet – Butler’s Road, Bonville NSW