Coffs Harbour Cultural & Civic Space – Drone Survey of Figtree

Great to see the release of the schematic design for the new Cultural & Civic Space for Coffs Harbour is out for public comment.  The building will include a new central library, museum, regional gallery and centralised council facilities to improve services for the Coffs Harbour region.  A key feature of the design is the large fig tree in Riding Lane.  The design wraps around the tree and provides views of it from all levels.

Resource Design & Management (RDM) were commissioned to provide an innovative and accurate 3D point cloud of the fig tree.  The request was to provide a 3D point cloud which captured not only the canopy but the structural elements of the tree being the trunk and key branches.

RDM are always up for a challenge and were eager to demonstrate their capabilities in 3D digital capture utilising their Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or more commonly known as a drone.  UAV’s have typically been used to capture aerial imagery.  Using specialised software the imagery can be transformed using aerial mapping techniques into a 3D point cloud.  A 3D point cloud is essentially a co-ordinated digital representation of the feature which then can be viewed in all directions.

In utilising the UAV we were able to capture the tree canopy, but its trunk and key branches were obscured from view by the canopy.  RDM was able to capture the trunk and branches using ground-based photography and applying the same aerial mapping techniques to create a second 3D point cloud of the trunk and branches.  We then combined the two point clouds to form a single 3D point cloud of the whole tree.

RDM is proud of its small contribution to what should be a future landmark development for Coffs Harbour.  Here are a few photographs and corresponding digital images of the fig tree.  If you would like to see a fly through of the tree visit our website via the following link.  Figtree – 3D Point Cloud