Kempsey District Hospital

RDM were commissioned by WatPac Construction (NSW) to provide engineering surveys associated with the construction of the Kempsey District Hospital.

The $80 million upgrade of the existing hospital has provided the community with a variety of health services, focused on aboriginal health, chronic and complex care management, family and children’s services, drug and alcohol services as well as hospital avoidance programs.

The main works undertaken on-site included the construction of the new hospital building towards the middle of the site, refurbishment of vacated or existing spaces; and connections between new and existing facilities.

RDM have been involved in all aspects of the construction process from:

  1. Mapping and volumetric survey of existing contaminated land (asbestos).
  2. Detailed survey of existing buildings and points of connection to structures and services to ensure correct coordination of the new works into the existing infrastructure.
  3. Certification of crane tower for aviation authority approvals (crane effected within controlled airspace).
  4. Volumetric survey of bulk earthworks on-site for conformance and payment to sub-contractors.
  5. Location and mapping of existing underground services for design coordination.
  6. Setout and conformance survey of cast in situ concrete piles.
  7. Setout and conformance survey of all concrete formwork, building grids, multiple lift shafts and fire stair cores.
  8. Setout and conformance of over 200 separate cast in situ holding down bolt sets on horizontal and vertical faces.
  9. Setout and alignment of full height curtain walls
  10. Monitoring and reporting on dimensional changes after post-tensioning of floor slabs.
  11. Monitoring of cast in situ structures such as lift and stairwells over the construction timeline.
  12. Final as constructed survey of services and structures and services.

The redevelopment was funded by the NSW Government to the sum of $40 million and $40 million from the Commonwealth’s Health and Hospitals Fund (HHF).

The new buildings were completed in 2015 and the refurbishment of the existing facility completed in mid-2016.

RDM was proud to be affiliated with this community enabling project as it maintains one of our core beliefs in “creating liveable communities”.

Project Sheet – Kempsey District Hospital