Subdivision Coffs Harbour

Rivendell Estate

Rivendell Estate is situated in the picturesque Orara Valley at Nana Glen on the North Coast of NSW and provides an example of excellence in the formation and development of an environmentally sensitive and sustainable rural residential estate.

Resource Design & Management (RDM) were intimately involved in all aspects of the development, from site selection, project management, environmental assessment, concept design, planning, surveying and engineering.

The Project

The project required RDM to challenge the existing development standards and demonstrate the benefits of our innovative alternative subdivision design in meeting and exceeding the triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental sustainability set down for the area.

RDM was required to address a broad range of environmental issues pertaining to the site including flooding, bushfire, on-site effluent disposal, riparian vegetation management and water quality.

The estate is the result of RDM’s in-depth understanding of the economic, social and

environmental issues relating to the site and the relevant planning legislation. RDM was able to determine an alternative solution to the development of the land and provide the necessary justification for both Coffs Harbour City Council and NSW Planning to support the proposal even though it did not meet the development standards set down for the area.

The development is focused on achieving an environmentally sustainable development outcome. It has done this whilst also increasing the economic bottom line for the developer.

The estate demonstrates the important and critical skills of RDM in analysing the constraints and opportunities of an environmentally sensitive site and responding with an innovative design solution that not only provides for the long term environmental management of the site and adds to the vitality and viability of the village but also provides a cost-effective and marketable development outcome. Put simply, we create tomorrow’s communities.

RDM’s skills, knowledge and experience in property development is well recognised by its clients.  If you think RDM can benefit your project please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Project Sheet – Rivendell Estate