UAV Drone

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) or simply drones, are fast becoming part of the everyday vernacular of modern society with their ubiquitous use for recreation, business and military purposes.  UAV’s can take great photographs and videos, but there is so much more they can offer to the skilled operator particularly one with a surveying and mapping background.

Resource Design & Management (RDM) have always been at the leading edge of technological advances, particularly where there are clear benefits to our clients and their projects.  The advantages offered by a UAV were obvious from the outset and RDM was quick to respond with the purchase of its own UAV.

RDM is fully compliant with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations and certification.  Our surveyors have undergone training in the operation and use of UAV’s.  Combined with our strong surveying background, we are able to push the boundaries in terms of the applications and accuracies achieved.  We offer our clients high level advice, service and geospatial data management.

We eliminate expensive work health and safety issues both in terms of safety and time by using our UAV’s.  No more scaffolding, no more traffic control, no more road and rail closures, no more working at height or similar safety concerns.  We can provide permanent photographic and video records as well as detail mapping.

The application of the technology is continually expanding.  Some of the applications include:

  • 3D point clouds
  • Digital terrain modelling
  • Earthwork and stockpile volumes
  • Mapping of high risk natural and man-made features
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Geo-referenced orthophotography
  • Building facades and internals
  • Road and rail infrastructure
  • Bridges, jetties, break walls and similar
  • Disaster recording and management
  • Electricity and telecommunication structures
  • Accident and crime scenes
  • As constructed surveys
  • Solar arrays and wind farms
  • Agricultural inspections
  • Farm irrigation design
  • Environmental damage assessment
  • Natural resource planning and management.

The list can simply go on and on.

RDM is able to combine various geospatial data sets be it from UAV’s, 3D laser scanning, LiDAR or conventional surveying techniques into one seamless geo-referenced and homogenous data set.

Remote control technology such as UAV’s is also finding its way into the marine environment with remote control boats carrying underwater scanners and depth sounders to monitor inshore and protected waters and to inspect infrastructure such as jetties, break walls, boat moorings and the like.  RDM is currently reviewing this technology for some current projects.

There is certainly a buzz in the air (no pun intended) about the opportunities and expanding applications of remote control instrumentation.  However, to gain the most from this technology in terms of the quality and accuracy of the data and the ultimate deliverables you need someone qualified.  When it comes to geo-spatial data there is no-one more skilled than a qualified and experienced surveyor.

RDM’s surveyors are both experienced and qualified and we are able to offer our clients both cost effective and timely data collection; and a seamless geo-referenced and homogenous data set and related deliverables.

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