Terms and Conditions



  1. Fees will be based on a time and disbursement basis, unless otherwise stated and agreed.
  2. Fees incurred will be paid to RDM at the completion of each task or at 30 day intervals, representing the work carried out in the preceding period.
  3. All invoices are issued on a 14 day account, after which a monthly compound interest component equivalent to 2% per month will apply.
  4. All invoices issued are a payment claim made under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999.
  5. RDM reserves the right to cease work or withhold documents and/or plans on any project immediately upon non-payment of fees as set out above.


  1. All instructions must be confirmed in writing. No responsibility will be accepted for verbal instructions not followed up in writing.
  2. RDM will not be liable or accept responsibility for the receipt of an erroneous or incomplete transmission of instructions or information from the client or client’s representative.
  3. The client warrants at all times that information provided to RDM for construction purposes will be up to date and will be the latest (amended if applicable) information to be used for set out purposes.
  4. RDM will not be liable in any way if the information received on disk or by any electronic means and used for construction purposes (when RDM has not been advised to the contrary by the author of that information), varies with information in hard copy which may be available on site and on which the contractor might be relying, also without informing RDM.
  5. RDM will not be liable if they have not been informed of alterations to construction drawings which differ from information received electronically when such information has not been given to RDM either in a timely manner or by a suitably qualified person.
  6. Before any work of any kind or any construction or demolition proceeds (if the work is on a construction site), the client agrees to set up a clear, unambiguous procedure for giving RDM ongoing instructions in relation to design alterations transmitted electronically, site instructions on set out procedures or changes to the nominated site personnel.


  1. Where electronic data is requested a DWG or PDF file which represents the results of the project undertaken by our office will be provided.
  2. The information provided is expressly for the use of the named client and is not to be passed on to any third party without our written consent.


  1. Information relating to this instruction will be kept for a minimum seven (7) year period from the date of the initial instruction. RDM reserves the right to destroy any or all information held at the expiration of that period.